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I Can Tie My Shoes gives your child a fun learning experience, in a necessary task of life.

Tying Shoes Is about the most complex task a young child can do. With this easy to learn poem children learn the steps in no time at all.

" Over under... pull me through, Pull not one lace... make it two."

"Make a bunny ear, hold it tight. Around your thumb it goes... Clear out of sight!!"

The weight of the board is sturdy enough not to wiggle , and the laces are long enough not to

give room fir the kids to even learn to double knot too!!!

The I Can Tie My Shoes practice board is mode of sturdy wood. The laces are secured in the

wood so the do not pose a choking hazard. The practice board is intended for use by children 3 years old and older. The price of this educational tool is $17.99 plus 8.25% Sales Tax in Texas, get one for your child or classroom today!!

Start your own Barefoot journey now! (Click the Button below)

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The educational learning tool that is fun!

Have you tried to teach your child to tie their Shoes?

If you are like all of us, you thought it would be a breeze!

Then, reality set in....WOW...this is really hard!

Only $17.99 each plus 8.25 tax (Texas Residences only).

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